Flexible support contracts or Pay-as-you-Go. We support all flavours of Linux both server and desktop including hosted, local and virtualised systems.

We can provide, maintain and configure on-site, hosted/hosting or virtual Linux servers for a whole range of uses. We cover all major distributions such as...

We supply, install and support Linux desktops (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos  & more). Whether it's a fresh install or a migration from Windows we can help you...

Asterisk PBX development, consultation and support services. Localised and hosted solutions, call centres, call packages, number porting and SIP/IAX trunking...

Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop support and upgrades. Active Directory implementations, virtualisation, Linux migrations and custom development.

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We are open-source gurus! Early pioneers in bringing open-source software into everyday business use since 2005. Indeed we were one of the very first companies to provide a dedicated professional and commercial open-source support service.
Our team is diverse and our work is highly specialised. We are well respected within the technical community as the go-to people for open-source expertise in all areas. To this day we are are leading the way for other companies to adopt open-source and we are at the cutting edge of new technology implementation into business environments. Quite simply when it comes to supporting open-source, we are the number 1. Our name may not be well known, but do not let that fool you - we are behind many other technical companies and escalation points for developers and users of open-source technology worldwide.

We needed to install Mariadb 11.3.2 as a galera node for a customer who had an ubuntu 24.04 container. The usual repository script for Mariadb doesn't yet support 24.04 so here is a quick hack to get you going:

apt install gnupg
curl -fsSL https://mariadb.org/mariadb_release_signing_key.asc | sudo gpg --dearmor -o /...

We're now taking sales and tech support queries via our telegram channel. Pop in and tell us how we can help you right now :)

If you're using ZFS as your LXD storage backend (and you should be!) then it's really easy to make a container's rootfs available to the host for operations such as rsyncs. Make migrating LXC from one machine to another super easy :)

mkdir /mnt/mountpoint
zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/mountpoint yourpool/containers/yourvm
mount /mnt/mountpoint

We dediced to share a bunch of little howto's with you guys, keep an eye out.

IT Support Contracts

Support contracts to cover all your IT and Telecoms with UK wide free call-out. Our friendly support staff provide on-site, telephone, email and remote support for workstations, servers, network infrastructure and phone systems. We offer support and consultation for firewalls, VPN, Linux server and deskop, MS and Mac server and desktop.


Linux Business Servers

Linux servers to suit every requirement from drop-in Microsoft replacements to advanced firewalls, high availability, thin client servers and virtualisation. Our SME Business Server product provides your business with an IT solution taking care of networking, security, storage, email, backup, remote access and much more.


Distro Support Includes

  • FusionPBX / Issabel / FreePBX
  • RedHat / Rocky / Alma
  • Koozali / smeserver / SUSE
  • Pfsense / Unix / BSD
  • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint
  • Arch / Archbang / Gentoo
  • Fedora / Kubuntu / Xubuntu
  • Raspbian / Embedded Systems

Ubuntu Server & Desktop

Pre-configured Linux server, desktop and thin client systems to suit your requirements. We offer drop-in Microsoft Server replacements and even migrate your existing Microsoft server including large AD forests or migrations from Entra/Azure to self hosted Linux auth.